Mascot Production

We will manufacture a mascot based on the information you provided that exactly matches your ideas, so you can identify with the mascot.

Promotional costumes

Production of promotional costumes according to specifications. We use only top quality materials.

Carnival costumes

We can produce period costumes according to your specifications, as well as modern carnival costumes including clothing.

Production of props for theatre and film

An artist or director can sometimes have very specific requirements, which cannot be fulfilled by the theatre workshops, and in this instance it may be the right thing to try someone else who knows a “little different technology”. The furniture and the stove (see the link) had to be so light so that it could be carried during a ballet dance by little children.

Production of product enlargements

We will make an enlarged version of your product so that it can be presented in an unmistakable way, what is known as a ‘walking advertisement’.

Promotional 3D characters and objects

We produce 3D characters and objects with their own fixed and lacquered steel frame for presentations at supermarkets. For example, a 140 cm tall figure of Brumík (140 cm tall) or a figure of an OREO biscuit.

Production is almost not limited!

Limits are only your imagination and the human proportions.

We can manufacture mascot, an enlargement, costume, 3D character and props for theatre and film according to any pattern or design!

Extra manufacturing and services

Our product will according to your design. High-quality materials guarantee durability and wearing comfort!

Sewing of covers and carry bags for mascots

If you wish, we can provide your mascot with a customized cover or carry bag. When using such packaging, you can protect your mascot from soiling and definitely extend its service life.


We own a Renault-Trafic van, which can be used to transport the finished product. Transport costs are according to agreement.

Refurbishment (repair) of mascots and regular maintenance

We offer refurbishing of mascots and provide regular maintenance and cleaning. Most sport clubs that ordered mascots from us send them back at the end of the season for maintenance, during which we carry out the most urgent repairs and clean the mascot. Regular maintenance extends the mascot’s service life. If the mascot eventually runs out of steam, we are able to produce a duplicate at an affordable price.

Produced Mascots