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We are a company with over twenty years experience in manufacturing mascots and props for show business, theatre and film!

Manufacturing of advertising and club mascots, theatre and film props

The highlight of our long-term endeavours was the mascots production of Bob and Bobek (rabbits from the hat of the magician Pokuston) for the opening ceremony of the ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 held in the Czech Republic - in cooperation with the company DOVIS s.r.o.

In the future, we aim to maintain our high standards to ensure our customers always return and recommend us to other potential customers.

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Our Story

Výroba maskotů

Highest Quality Mascots manufacture

If you are looking for a manufacturer to make you a good quality mascot, then you have come to the right place. We will not supply you with just a “stuffed sack”; instead you will receive a durable mascot with a solid shape and precise workmanship. The extra hours that we put into our mascots compared to our competition are clearly visible.

How does the production of advertising mascot?

Entering of mascot production

During our initial contact with a customer, we try to obtain as much information about how the customer envisages the mascot will look like, what they expect of it and any other specific requirements (the mascot must withstand jumping on a trampoline, the promoters wearing the costume will be doing somersaults, riding a bike, skating, etc.)

Ideally, the customer provides us with a graphic design or a simple sketch and advises us of the required completion date. Based on this information, we can calculate the costs and propose the deadline for completion with respect to the current overlapping contracts.

If the customer requires a graphic design (sketches) from us, we will prepare it as part of the contract after receiving a binding order for production of the mascot.

Entering of mascot production

Mascot Production Order

The customer will e-mail us a binding order, which includes the customer's invoicing details. We will issue a partial (advance) invoice based on this order for 50% of the contract price. We are VAT payers.

Once funds are credited to our account, we will commence the production process and order the materials selected by the customer. The customer will provide the print data (graphics) if they wish to place a logo or lettering on the mascot. Such data should preferably be in curves. Logos can be made in the form of iron-on foils or as full-coloured sublimation printing on PS materials, embroidered or, in the case of enlarging real products (shampoo) by printing on a banner, which is then glued on the finished mascot like a label.

Mascot Shape

) We cut out the individual components of the mascot from soft foam sheets. By gluing these parts together, we get a self-bearing shell construction with a solid shape. In other words, the mascot is hollow, solid and lightweight.

The customer will be provided with photos of the basic shape. At this stage, we can still make minor modifications to the shape of the mascot.

Mascot Shape
Mascot Surface

Mascot Surface

After approval of the shape by the customer, the mascot is covered with the chosen fabric or coated with natural rubber. Sometimes, we combine both techniques, for example - horns, hooves and snout are coated with rubber, while the rest of the mascot is covered with plush.

Mascot Overall production

The mascot is usually dressed in overalls or some other clothes or a sports jersey. Shoes can be made in the form of large clown shoes with solid soles or they can be made so they can be used in combination with skates or simply as slips over the shoes of the promoter. The mascot may also have gloves, animal paws, etc.

Head Of Mascot

If the mascot consists of a separate head, a mount made of felt or a freestyle helmet will also be incorporated.

Mascot Overall production
Wearing comfort mascot

Wearing comfort mascot

We can build fans into the mascots to supply fresh air. Generally, if a person is in an enclosed space (mascot, tent, coffin etc.), the heat the person radiates will gradually accumulate and this can be an ordeal, even during the colder months of the year.

We cannot always provide artificial air circulation, but if the customer is willing to pay extra for this, than we can design a solution for every type of mascot. We can incorporate ventilation holes wherever possible and some can be fitted with a fan. I am not in favour of stuffing mascots with gel batteries from the freezer. I believe that these solutions can cause more harm to the human body than do good

Mascot Delivery

We will issue a total invoice for the production of the mascot, which includes shipping costs and subtract the partial (advance) invoice payment. The original invoice is sent by registered mail and a copy is e-mailed to the customer.

Mascot Delivery


We materialize your ideas according to your or our processed drawing. We guarantee high quality, creativity, short delivery times and very competitive prices.

Our Team

Robert Puhman

Robert Puhman

Executive Head

That's the one that is responsible for this story

Jana Nová

Jana Nová

Production department

Production department

Hana Hlavatá

Hana Hlavatá

Project Manager

We would not be where we are, without her

Miluše Puhmanová

Miluše Puhmanová

Executive Director

My wife and my conscience!

Jaroslava Husníková

Jaroslava Husníková


Our tailoress!

Vladimír Husník

Vladimír Husník

Graphic designer

Our graphic and press guru!

Why Mascot Manufacture From Us?

We are one of the best in Europe in our field of business. Mascots manufactured by us can be seen in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, the USA and especially here, in the Czech Republic.

High Quality

We make mascots that can be used on a long-term basis and whose promoters feel comfortable wearing them.

Extremely Flexible

We are a small family business and as such, we work from our own home. In other words, “We get up and go to bed at work and our company is our life.” This gives us the opportunity to be extremely flexible.

The Best Technology

We continuously work to improve our mascot manufacturing processes. We are still discovering new or long-forgotten technologies that we can utilize in the manufacturing process of costumes and props.

Used Materials

We use only the finest materials mainly domestic producers.

World Class

We collaborate on a long-term basis with many domestic and foreign PR and event agencies in order to fulfil orders for large multinational companies.

High level of creativity

We can handle each assignment. Nothing surprises us.

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