My name is Robert Puhman. Since childhood I have enjoyed building model aeroplanes and gliders for competitive flying. My interest in aviation naturally led me to the company Aero Vodochody, where I passed my secondary school-leaving exams in 1992 as an aircraft mechanic.

I must admit that although I have never worked in this field, the knowledge I gained at the school was definitely useful. During my school years, I slowly began to take up other interests, the main one being ballroom dancing. During my student years at the dance studio at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague, I worked for a company that made outfits for dancers, promoters and show business in general. I worked for this company for ten years. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the first advertising agencies began to spring up and with these came the first demands to produce advertising mascots. During my tenure at this company, I was very much involved in the manufacturing of some five hundred mascots.

In 2003, I decided to leave the capital city and move to Chotěšov. It was here that I began to build my own studio. In 2004, I founded my company, which manufactures mascots and props for film and theatre.

Over eleven years of independent operation, we have manufactured almost 800 mascots (costumes) as well as freestanding 3D mock-ups for supermarkets. Our biggest contract yet, was the production of 250 fox mascots for ČMSS. We were able to complete this order within five months. We are currently collaborating with a number of domestic and foreign agencies.

The highlight of our long-term endeavours was, in cooperation with the company DOVIS s.r.o., the production of Bob and Bobek mascots (rabbits from the hat of the magician Pokuston) for the opening ceremony of the ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 held in the Czech Republic. In the future, we aim to maintain our high standards to ensure our customers always return and recommend us to other potential customers.